We are proud to present this artistic parodied rendition of a classic character. Wisdom Works collaborated with SPIFSpace and are excited to present the first addition to our "Melted Disasters" Collection!


For a little more than 35 years, he has graced our screens as our favorite plumber; enduring the likes of large apes, evil rulers of a race of turtles, goombas and koopas alike. He and his companions would constantly drown, fall on spikes, drop off screen or sink into lava but we always knew they'd return to us with the many lives we garnered over the course of the game. What could have possibly melted away half of this hero's body and caused the gang such misery?


The first in an entire series of heroes and villains being plagued with fighting this mysterious new threat, this reimagined figure stands approximately 4.5 inches in height and features beautifully painted colors casted in urethane resin. SPIFSpace's distinctive art style combined with the creativity and innovation of the minds behind Wisdom Works has created a fun and unique way to view your favorite characters in pop culture.


Available on a limited run of 100, this one-of-a-kind figurine is ready to smash his way into your collection!

Melty Mia

  • Materials Used
    Urethane Resin

    Product Size

    4.5" H (114.3mm)*

    Product Weight
    3.00 lbs (1.36078 kg)*

    * Size and weight are approximate values.

  • These collectibles are made-to-order (they’re quite expensive to produce), so please allow 4-6 weeks to ship (though it’ll probably arrive faster!)